The Curious Case of "WHICH ONE???"

May 28, 2014

Whether you are getting married, have a birthday party coming up, have a one year old who will be visiting the salon for the first time and you want the memories of her first set of locks to be captured, a personal event to be covered - as a client we can take the liberty of placing you in either of the following two buckets. Those who have zeroed in on a photographer even before the wedding dress has been finalized or those folks who like to live life at the edge, realize a day or two before the D day that whilst they have taken the greatest of pains in planning every minor detail of the wedding, somehow, since it was the groom's job, hiring a photographer has slipped between the cracks. We love the former ones and do not judge the latter ones (at this point you will find yourselves reading the last few sentences again and whilst figuring what former and latter mean, cannot help yourself but to place yourself in one of the two buckets). Whichever bucket you find yourself in, now the task at hand is to find you the best professional photographer your money can hire. 

You are more likely to follow the below steps in the search of the magician, if you are the latter kinds, or a photographer if you are the former kinds: 




  • Google - our best friend. No seriously, even before you ask your best friend, who's been married and had those larger than life, drooling with emotions, wedding dress flying in the cool sunset breeze of the Caribbean beach she got married on, you will turn to Google. 

  • If you are one of the tech savvy ones, you know you are good at GOOGLING, you know exactly the search phrase to use. So you start with "Wedding Photographer (Location)". Or if you are overly enthusiastic, you would be brave enough to just type "Wedding Photographer". 

  • And BAM....Google throws 2,960,000 results at you (and has the audacity to add the word "about" before the numbers). Therefore, as a "tech savvy" person that you are, you will concentrate your efforts on the first few links on the page. 

  • You visit a few of the websites listed on the top, drooling over the pics, imagining yourself at the end of the staircase where the photographer has taken the shot standing at the top of the staircase, the groom and you and the end of the staircase with your wedding ensemble flowing behind you - magical you think. This is what I want. You've made your mind on the kinds of photos to be taken on your big day. 

  • You look at few more websites, you like the pics even more. At this point, you've forgotten the staircase picture and now are thinking about the silhouette picture of you gazing out of the window the light shining in and illuminating a tad bit of your face and you marvel at the photographer's talent. 

  • Before you realize, you've already spent an hour or so on research and now want to get in on the action. However you are pulled off by an important call, the one discussing the color of your wedding outfit and the designer that has the exact color palette with the right kind of material. 

  • The photographer quest research has now been postponed. However since you are the "tech savvy" person that you are, you bookmark a few of the websites you visited for the late night surfing you intend to indulge in. Exciting times!!!!!

  • In all of the wedding mayhem, you hardly had the time to get back to your bookmarked websites. This is the time you reach out to your would-be-better half and try and get an intelligent answer to your query - which photographer? And as cliché’s have it, you will get the all legendary answer - "will look into it dollface" (if by this time he does not refer to you as dollface or honeybunch or jigar or the queen or the likes, you might want to revisit the day of the proposal and remind him a thing or two. Sweetheart, darling and baby do not count). 

  • His looking into is still being looked into.

  • You turn to your actual physical friend (remember the one with the pictures of drooling emotions...yes that one) and ask for recommendations. 

And once you get the name and the website address, you hit enter on your keyboard, you are more than likely to land on....wait for it...THIS PAGE. 

Yes we take drooling, flamboyant and flattering pictures of the starry couple and in the process teach a thing or two about pillow talk to you-know-who. Why us you ask, again, haven't you learnt anything from the rambling above? Apart from the fact that we have clearly documented what kinds of photos make you drool (little presumptuous on our part - but at least we tried, so please bear with us), we do a lot better job with the camera than with the keyboard.


Doing what we do, it is safe to assume that we have researched the web more granularly than the outsiders (you) on the subject and one of the most searched phrases a photographer indulges is "best traits of a wedding photographer". Whilst the results vary to a certain extent, two attributes that have been fundamentally mentioned are TALENT and PERSONALITY. The photographer should be talented (no brainer - duh...) and have a personality to create magic with you. It is nearly impossible to bring out a your inner beauty if you aren’t comfortable the photographer. 


As you go about unearthing the various sections of this website, we are sure that the matter of TALENT will be checked off (we hope you see what we saw and captured and appreciate it). Now the personality bit, and we repeat, "HAVEN'T YOU HEARD US RAMBLE ABOVE!!!!!!!!” Putting you at ease will be a walk in the park, with us; you've hired very talented photographers with the value add of comedy thrown in every now and then. 




  • You've wasted enough time  already (time you didn't have in the first place) on the above ramble...just click here and connect with us. NOW!!!!

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Ricken is an entrepreneur, ran a successful apparel business, has had his Masters from one of the top universities in London (his claim, Arash has his serious doubts though!!!!). However, as most of the clichés go, photography was his true calling. He put in a lot of time and effort in growing his organic apparel business, however, the days when he got back from his shoots, were the days, in his words as he puts it, that were "most productive and fulfilling". No more rambling. He is the rock behind ARotography, the steady yet deceptively hilarious force that keeps ARotography going. Although should not mention here, Arotoraphy and all that jazz, photoraphy and the words here should highlight how good they are and why they would be your best bet on your D day, truth canont be hidden. If Ricken says he does not have the dates to oblige you with for your photoshoot, it mostly probably is because he might just be scheduled to ride up to Ladakh and not because he is so swamped with work that he cannot accomodate you. Do ask him this when in the off chance you he does not oblige with you.  Ricken rides a Harley Davidson. 

Arash, the less you know about him, the better it is, for your own sake. He has the dubious distinction of being funny, yet most of his audience tends not to get it, and fall into the trap. They ask questions, and that is when he preys on them (Ricken has a word of caution for you...please go with the flow and do not ask questions, for your own sanity). He's done his Masters of Science from New York, where he claims, one of the best universities in downtown Manhattan (a claim Ricken has serious doubts on) and has been a management consultant, leading some seriously sounding service lines for one of the major global consulting company in the US, Australia and the Middle East. However, again, as most clichés have it, the true calling was when he is behind his lens. He goes all PHOTOGRAPHERISH (his uncanny ability to mop the floor (ask him how he does it...when you meet him...there are quite a few stories he will be more than happy divulge) whilst shooting, his tree climbing prowess in taking that top view shots etc.) on whatever is in front of him. Whilst Ricken owns a Harley, Arash is a recent convert from Harley to a Kawasaki Z800. If you've have had enough of the ghazals on the recption of your wedding, and are looking for some entertainment, do mention, to Ricken, about Arash's conversion. If you haven't had fireworks display at your wedding, there is quite a possibility for one to erupt. 

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