Hi, I'm Ricken

Ricken is an entrepreneur, ran a successful apparel business, has had his Masters from one of the top universities in London. However, as most of the clichés go, photography was his true calling. He put in a lot of time and effort in growing his organic apparel business, however, the days when he got back from his shoots, were the days, in his words as he puts it, that were "most productive and fulfilling". No more rambling. He is the rock behind ARoTography, the steady yet deceptively hilarious force that keeps ARoTography going. If Ricken says he does not have the dates to oblige you with for your photo-shoot, it mostly probably is because he might just be scheduled to ride up to Ladakh and not because he is so swamped with work that he cannot accommodate you. Do ask him about his adventures from the Guinness World Record trip. Yes he is a Guinness World Record holder.


Hi, I'm Sonal

Sonal is the heart of the company. Armed with a Master's degree in International Business and having worked as a Finance & Operations director in her previous company, she decided to join her husband (Ricken) in this fantastic journey of photography. Although not a photographer herself, she manages the weight of the entire company on her sweet shoulders. From client servicing to "paisa wasooli" she does it all and with flair.

"It's amazing to see an idea, design, emotion convert itself into a photograph, and then when the client looks at the result and goes WOW, thats what I enjoy the most" says Sonal.

Oh!!! and she travels with Ricken on his motorcycle across the country. The duo have already travelled around 45,000 km's together on their two wheels. Do ask her about her adventures and see her face light up with excitement and wonderful stories.


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